Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ze Weekly Recap, 1-16-10

Hey, if you missed it, it's NEW to

Big Ol'Sack of Junk and Stuff ---Ways to tell you're at the WROOONG New Year's Eve Party. Keep those in mind for next year people!!!

MORE from the Big Ol'Sack of Junk and Stuff --- Chet's New Year Resolutions 2010. Ways we can improve, and improve the culture as a whole and have a good time doing it. Yeah YEAAAH I know it's a little late, but whatever, better late than butter...or...err...nevermind.

Celebrity Lookalikes --- Just who DID that creepy eyed boy from everyone's favorite southern redneck exercise tape Deliverance eventually grow up to be. HINT: He's NOT more famous than Amos!

and speaking of REDNECKS...

Redneck Belly Laughs From The Net ---- Watch and amusing YouTube video of why Lawndale, CA just might be the most anit-Vampire town in all of North America!!

Have a GREEAAAAAAT weekend Daywalkers!! Seeya back here sharp-fanged and bushy butted next week!! :)

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