Monday, January 11, 2010

You're At The WRONG New Year's Eve Party...

Let's start ze Ano Nuevo with a little kinda sorta fun from LAST YEAR in a NEW blog segment I like to call....

Hey, dig my giant sack people?? LOL ;) So as the title sez....

A Few Signs You Just MIGHT Be Ringing In The New Year At The Wrong Party

The only guests at the party are very drunk or intoxicated men who haven't showered in days, and part of the party "festivities" are "group showers" and mandatory full body cavity searches!

Everyone at the party keeps referring to you as "The Sacrifice"

You hear the party is going to be a costume party so you arrive in a mock afro wig and an African dashiki and everyone else is wearing white hoods.

You take a peek at the guest list and it includes a guy named Zed and "The Gimp.

"You see on your party invitation that "Party entertainment to be provided by The Le Jolie Mime Players"


You are required to bring a real shrunken head.

You're ringing in the New Year 1959 in Havanna Cuba, and you "broke your brother's heart"

All goes quiet suddenly, and a lone mountainman is heard off in the distance picking "Dueling Banjos"

Carrot Top is serving as the Master Of Ceremonies.

In the fine print on your highly stylized elegant invitation is the following phrase, "a delightfully festive Clown Orgy complete with props to follow the stroke of midnight"

A sign posted at the front entrance reads "Jacket, Tie, and Circumcision required for admittance. All will be provided to the guest for their convenience, if necessary."

"Security Provided by The Hell's Angels"

The party is hosted by the King of France and you're a Knights Templar ( that joke too old?? Dangit Remmy...whhhy...WHYY?? LOL )

As part of "Party Etiquette" you may kiss at the stroke of midnight but "they must be outside of your own Species"

and FINALLY.... The party host tells you that "sushi appetizers are going to be served on the bodies of naked people in a few moments" and he and a couple of hairy, sweaty, fat guys start to take off their pants.

Yummy huh?

What was the best New Year's Eve Party you can remember attending?

How about the worst?Coolest/Sexiest New Year's Kiss?

The most disgusting?

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