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Idiocracy (2006)

Since I feel like I've been running smok with complete idiots this week...

Back To School:

...Why not tackle the movie that is a PARADE of idiots??



Director-- Mike Judge

Writers--- Mike Judge
Etan Cohen

Luke Wilson
Maya Rudolph
Dax Shepard

Year: 2006

Company: 20th Century Fox

The Basic Scoop, The Poop, The Lowdown:

A guy who's an average Joe, (LITERALLY) or AKA PFC Joe Bowers of the US Army ( Wilson ) volunteers along with a "lady of the evening" named Rita ( Rudolph ) for a yearlong cryogenics experiment. But when he awakes from his shiveringly cold siesta (ya'like that? I wrote it myself! ;) ) it's 500 years into the future, a time when all of humanity has devolved into an unwashed mass of idiots. It's up to Joe to try and survive this planet populated entirely by village idiots and to see if maybe he can find a way back home to his own century.

What's Pretty Good:

The concept. YES we know it's been done before in quite a few flicks. YEEEEEES we know that there is a lot of flawed science and bugs in real life involving cryogenics (Thanks for pointing that out to me Trish....AGAIN, this is what? the 150th time? You do that EVERY TIME I watch any movie involving frozen popsicle people... I got it! LOL :P )

But it really doesn't matter HOW our Average Joe traveled through time. The insights of what he sees are interesting, crudely insightful, and more on the mark about OUR OWN time than maybe we'd all care to admit. I mean seriously, how often have we met someone who has a college degree, yet they can't say ASK instead of AXE? Or students who've put "textish" slang into term papers? Or how many corporate logos are put on just about everything?

And I defy ANYONE to not think of 2010 State Of The Union every time they watch President Comacho's special joint session of Congress speech in the "House Of Representin' " Just about every time I watch this flick I see some hidden nugget of truthy satire that I missed the last time.

President Camacho: Actor, Wrestler, Porn Star, and now POTUS...what more do you want??

Luke Wilson is solid playing the "gosh-darn-it" lovable Texan "Everyman" in a never-ending sea of absurdity About the ONLY actor who I think MAAAAYBE could have done it better is
Office Space alum and fan-favoriteRon Livingston (Mike Judge's original first choice for the part I believe, but was committed to another project.)

I've often heard some of my friends and a few famous type critic wannabes criticizing Dax Shepard for his lack of range and whatnot, but you'll not be hearing that from THIS particular critic wannabe lol :) His performance as Frito Pendejo (Spanish for: "Fried Dickhead" lol ) is one of the crucial parts that makes this movie! It's his subtle touches that sell his character to the audience and make him believable as a true expert idiot.

Did you see it? He can't even flick someone off right!!

Also, speaking of flicks, this flick has some great cameos throughout...keep your eyes peeled people!!

What Kinda Sorta Really, Really Sucks:

It's not a movie for everyone. The language is strong, so if you're a tad codger-fogie-prude...ish you might find it all a little hard to swallow. The runtime feels extremely fast, even more rapid than it's already fairly speedy 84 minutes. The plot is straight-forward and one-dimensional, it might've been nice to have seen a subplot worked in there somewhere, so that maybe you could get a longer look at even more aspects of this fascinating future culture. (Fascinating like a really bad accident on the freeway between a clown and a mime in circus go-carts! ;) lol )

FOX NEWS in 500 years *cringes*

Many of the assets and actors of this film seem under-utilized, and some of the gags can make the flick seem like an SNL or MADtv sketch that dragged on a little too long.

ASS: Best Picture of 2505. Does anyone doubt it could still get votes for this year's Oscar too? ;)

Overall Film Grade: B-

Bottomline, Idiocracy is a "cult-fan" favorite. Biting modern social commentary mixed with comedy and acting performances that sometimes work, and sometime fall as flat as a broke redneck tripping out of Lean (Which, of course I would NEVER drink or advocate drinking, because I'm not a trailer park redneck!! )

Yet, throughout all of it, you'll probably have a great time watching! It's one of my favorites.

Kick back and watch it with your own favorite posse of "particular Individuals!" lol :)


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