Friday, August 5, 2011

Back To School (1986)

Dadgumit, it's AUGGGGUST! That dreaded month of sweaty-balls mayhem for both us Vampires (we wilt in heat like a cotton candy thong bikini) and Texas school chillens everywhere!

Back To School: Come back and see me when you have no class! lol

At least we can try to make the best of the fact that sooner or later we all have to go...

Back To School: A Rodney Dangerfield Cult classic!!

Back To School


Director-- Alan Metter

Writers--- Greg Fields
Rodney Dangerfield

Rodney Dangerfield
Sally Kellerman
Keith Gordon

Year: 1986

Company: Paper Clip Productions

The Basic Scoop, The Poop, The Lowdown:

Thorton Melon (Dangerfield) is a blue-collar man from Jersey who worked his way up into becoming a big time successful businessman. His son Jason( Gordon) is unsure, drifty about what he wants to do with his life, and reluctantly is the first guy in his family to go off to college, at the behest of said Dangerfield...errr...I mean... kooky dad. When Jason seriously thinks about flaking out, Thorton decides to go "back to school" (hence ze title, DUH! ;) ) and enroll at the same time, to prove to Jason that gettin' edumacated iz liek, TOTALLY impurtante! (Or something like that! ;) ) But when Thorton becomes the new "campus party animal" and finenagles his way into good grades with their professors, it causes more trouble and "zany" mishaps than either father or son bargained for!

What's Pretty Good:

Dangerfield but of course! In this flick the classic Catskills comedian's shtick is in full-effect and at its best. Quick sassy one-liners, total goofy sexism "zingers." Machismo, his big goofy googl...ish eyes...

Rodney Dangerfield: The late, great king of bug-eyed comedians!

...and probably one of the best school scenes ever in film is the famous debate scene between Mellon and his economics professor.

Also look for great cameo performances by Ned Betty underground comedian (and Dangerfield's buddy) Sam Kinison legendary kickass awesome writer Kurt Vonnegut and an early glimpse at the future superstar actor Robert Downy Jr as Jason Mellon's slacker sidekick. (Still despise him in the new Sherlock Holmes flick though, I don't give a diggity-diggity damn what anyone else says!! :P )

The early Robert Downey Jr in Back To School: So underappreciated!

What Kinda Sorta Really, Really Sucks:

Again, it's Rodney Dangerfield. You either like'um a lot, or you will never give'um no respect, noooo ressspect!! ;) It's a typical school/college/slacker comedy, straight out of the hot'n'fresh cookie cutter mold of Animal House. The plot is very, VERY predictable, There's virtually no real chemistry between the actor who plays Dangerfield's character's son and Dangerfield. The final climatic scene at the swim meet is utterly ridiculous, and probably the most awkward and physically sickening makeout scene is the last 30 years is in this film. Yuuuuuuuuuuck! (Oh, I don't need to say more Sunshiner dude, you'll know when it is, TRUST ME! Thank GAWWWD it's really short! :P )

Overall Film Grade: C+

Bottom line, It's Rodney Dangerfield. It's College. It's boozin' Frat Boys and pencil-dicked square professors. It's Rodney Dangerfield in college with boozin' fratboys and pencil-dicked professor squares...all mixed-a, mixed-a, together!

That sound good? Well, it does to me, in a happy, quckidy-quick throwaway sort of way, but then again, I'm pretty much an eternal boozin' fratboy...with big pointy teef!

Enjoy! :)


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