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The Princess Bride!!

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Cklassic cult 80's flicks don't get much better than this!!

The Princess Bride


Director-- Rob Reiner
Writer--- William Goldman

Starring--- Cary Elwes
Robin Wright
Mandy Patinkin
Andre The Giant

Year: 1987

Company: Act III Comunications

The Basic Scoop, The Poop, The Lowdown:

In the fairytale storybook Kingdom of Florin, a beautiful young peasant girl named Buttercup is soon to become a princess and wed to Prince Humperdink, (Hence the title, Geniuses! ;) ) but soon discovers that her original true love, a farmboy-turned adventurer named Wesley, seeks to be reunited. With the help of some colorful characters (a self-analyzing neurotic Spanish swordsman, an out-of-work magical wizard, and a gentle giant who used to work for the King's "Brute Squad" etc :) ) our hero Wesley aims to rescue his love Buttercup from making the mistake of a lifetime.

A classic fairy tale...but with a twist!

What's Pretty Good:

Just about dang near everything! Okay, if I MUST be more specific (sheesh!) as with almost any great flick THE CAST is a good place to start. Generally, if you're 21 or older you'll recognize almost everyone in this film (Elwes of Glory fame as well as Kiss The Girls a darker turn as well in Saw and even went on to parody this same type of snarky swashbuckler character again in Robin Hood: Men In Tights Wright happens to have played "Jennnaaaay" in Forrest Gump and Patinkin formally of Criminal Minds ) not to mention the many solid supporting characters ( Billy Crystal and Christopher Guest of parody-infamy a'la This Is Spinal Tap just to name two!)

The film is a gentle, well executed parody/ slash "Homage" to classic Errol Fynn and Douglas Fairbanks style fantasy adventure films and classic fairytales. The witty bantered dialogue is well-written...I.E. many of the lines and scenes from this movie have become modern day classics...even to the point of becoming uber- nausous cliches. ( I don't know HOW many times I've heard some theatre dork say they'd want to duel me "to the pain" or to remind me that I "just fell victim to one of the classic blunders...the first being never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only SLIGHTLY less well-known is this; never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH IS ON THE LINE!! AHAHAHAHAHA...AHAHAHAHA AHA..." )

*The theatre dork drops dead from the fast-acting anal seeking parasites I slipped into his cup of Folger's Crystals coffee and mine when his back was turned.. *

(.What?? I spent the last five years building up an immunity to fast-acting anal-seeking parasites! ;) lol )

What Kinda Sorta Really, Really Sucks:

Not a heck of a whole lot...but nobody's perfect and this flick is no exception. There is a reason this film is good, as well as being INSANELY popular with snooty film geeks and theatre dorks (I say that with love of course ;) ) born in the early to late 1980's: The wit and sarcastic style of parody in this film is drier than drinking a Canada Dry ginger ale in the midst of Death Valley while securely seated in a dryer with the settings set to "Ultra Dry" and reading a copy of The New Yorker with Eustace Tilley on the cover. ( GOOOD LAWWWD DAWWWWG that's dry!! ;) lol. )

In short, many may find the flick's sense of humor a little too "uppidiy" and almost reeking of British-ness for their super-American tastes. To quote one of my frat brothers originally born in the redneck...ish backwoods of Deep East Texas who saw this movie with me for the first time on a double date, "What is the big deal with this frosty ass shiat?? It's not THAT funny!!"

As for me though...

Overall Film Grade: A

A thoroughly, entertaining 80's adventure parody film. It shall immortalize Cary Elwes, Andre The Giant and "The Six Fingered Man" in our hearts forever. If you have never seen it before WATCH IT, you'll dig it. If you have seen it already (and I'm sure you have) WATCH IT AGAIN...right now QUICK like a Bunny...I promise you'll dig it again.

Oh, and for the record, no I don't mind the kissing parts...or the kissing of PARTS either! ;) lol

Hello My name is Chet McNabb, you kill my Kit Katt bar, prepare to diiie!!!


a cheeky vampire blogger named Chet who writes about pop culture, monster/horror/B-movies and other crap in generala cheeky vampire blogger named Chet who writes about pop culture, monster/horror/B-movies and other crap in generala cheeky vampire blogger named Chet who writes about pop culture, monster/horror/B-movies and other crap in general

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