Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MMmmmmm....BEEEEER...and Emmys!

How about for this evening we do a little "quickie" with some of Chet's....

Being as how this is... Groundhog Day

(The Holiday CREATED and based of course on the epic film by the same name.. ;) lol )

I was feelin' a bit in the mood for bug-eyed squirrely lookin' people, so I giveth you....

John Adams' Emmy-award-winning star Paul Giamatti and the ever immortal ...Homer Simpson

a cheeky vampire blogger named Chet who writes about pop culture, monster/horror/B-movies and other crap in general

Hell, they could be BROTHERS for crissakes...

(but never Bruthas...not even Pauley G's actin' chops are THAT good!! :) )

A Terrific Tuesday to you, my Blogster Daywalker Normie peeps!

---- Chet

1 comment:

Sarah from Scare Sarah said...

Good lordy, you're right!

How unfortunate.

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