Monday, January 25, 2010

NEWSFLASH: Men are Makeup Stealin' Weenies!!

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Is He Stealing Your Makeup? Survey Says: 'Yes'

By Laura Kenney

"Ladies, your man may be going behind your back. Lying, cheating and stealing -- your beauty products.

British Survey found that one in 10 men use their partner's makeup, but over 33 percent fail to reveal their habit to the ladies in their lives, reports The Daily Mail .

It gets worse. One-tenth of the men polled admitted nabbing concealer and foundation, and lip gloss was used by 20 percent of the 2,000 men surveyed for
Sheilas' Wheels , a British insurance agency. They're also partial to face masks, scrubs, razors, hair removal creams, hair straighteners, nail polishes and mascaras.... "

You can peruse the rest of the article Right HERE

Okay I have to say when I first glanced my superhuman eyes at this article, I panicked, then breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the data was from a BRITISH survey (Limeys!! lol *Imagining Trish popping me on the arm with her pixie fist!* )

...then I abruptly shifted back into panic again as I saw that ACTUAL AMERICAN DUDES were involved in this thing too...

...but apon further review I can say that MOST of the cases of "Chick stuff swipin' " are actually very minor things...I mean who HASN'T stolen a quick swipe of your girlfriend's stick of Secret rollon every now and then when you run out?

Uhhhh.....anybody?? HellllOOOOOO.......Bueller??......Bueller??.........Bueller??

I think this info sucks...and shows the gradual rise of what I like to call "Metro-sexualaciozion" in our human race!! HUMBUG!!


(hmmm...maybe that would have been a bit more convincing if I had done that "war face" battlecry while not wearing a Boree' facial mask...HMMMmmmmmm....yathink? ;) )

What's your take on all this folks....for the Women, have you ever caught or suspected your man for stealin' some of your Makeup or Skin Care stuff??

For the DUDES: Have you (honestly) ever used any of your girfriend/wife's makeup? If so, like, WHY??

Happy Monday Blogsters!!

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