Monday, January 25, 2010

Chet's Fang Toothed Babes: Jillian Michaels

For this week we Fang tooth salute you, Jillian Michaels ...

a cheeky vampire Texan blogger named Chet who writes about pop culture, monster/horror/B-movies and other crap in general

.... the fab fit star of NBC's The Biggest Loser

Sure, she MAY have been a "fat kid" in her teens, yeah she may be thought of as over-exposed to some, and sure she may or may not have bisexual tendecies in her private life....

(Actually that last one ain't so bad is it!!)

We still say...DAYUM LOOK AT THEM ABS!!

Yes, abs like those are enough to make to the coveted spot on Chet's Fanged Babe Tooth Salute!!

Gawk away my Daywalker friends, Gawk away!

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