Monday, June 15, 2009

ATTN: Action/Dark Comedy Movie Buffs!!

Okay, I have this writer friend who's working on/developing this Sardonic/Dark Comedy action film idea, that's somewhat straight shoot-up, yet also HEAVILY mocks the whole action movie genre in a fun way (Like say a Snatch type movie or maybe a Grosse Point Blank.)

His protagonist character is a young, yet very banged up Iraqi war veteran (Fake eye, Fake Left Arm, a few fake teeth) turned low-level PMC (Private Military Company) bodyguard (think a cross between Dirty Harry and Popeye :P LOL )

Apparently he unknowingly has something or someTHINGS quite valuable that this corrupt company of Military Industrial Complex type guys want and he has to somehow fight his way out of their traps if he wants to get out of their cloak'n'dagger game for good...and still healthy.

Basically he says to me that "I want people to watch almost every major scene in the movie, and be giggling and thinking ' LOL W-T-F was THAAAAT?? But not QUITE as ridiculous and obsurd as Shoot-Um-Up.' "

So, as a friend he asked me a few quick questions concerning his idea that I now pass on to you as well....

Are you a fan of Action flicks?

Dark Comedies?

Action Dark Comedies? :P lol

If so, what's Your All-Time Favorite Movies of that type?

What totally off-the-wall bizarre funny location have you always wanted to see a "traditional" action film shootout scene take place in?

And what song would you find hilarious to hear playing right in the middle of an action movie?

My Answers: I was thinking off the top of my head probably either a Teddy Bear Factory....

.........or a Bondage/Discipline private club for Gay men. :P

(OMG Is that "Stone Cold" Steve Austin?? LOL Soooo totally J/K But it does look like him!! ;) )

And as for music, "You Spin Me Right Round" by Dead Or Alive (80's electronica coked up rhythm pop song :P ) or "I Love The Nightlife" by Alicia Bridges

Hey this IS supposed to be an Act-SHUUUUN movie after all! :D lol

Hope you're having a better Monday Night then I am!! :P

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