Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ad-Tacular Hilarious Commercials!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for KNOOOOOW I'm the type of guy who is quite easily amused....

Particularly by the delightful crap on TV these nights.

As a Nocturnal blood-drinking person of no color, I obviously work a bizarre sorta shape-shifting constantly metamorphitizing schedule (or SHED-dule) of strange hours from week to week so I end up perusing quite a bit more of the boob tube (and internet gar-BAGE :P ) than the average Normie like you!

Have you seen these just DARLING ads for Brinks Home Security??

For those of you who have, aren't they just luscious and ADORABLE?

For those of you who haven't, OMG you really need to get with it and GET ON THE STICK already!!

(In oh so many, MANY ways....muahahahahahahaha!! )

I like this one with the"Treadmill Babe" where apparently Billy Zane is hiding out in the bushes with his grotesque sidekick

What? No "OMG What the fack was THAT's??" and yathink she'd have RIPPED those buds right outta her ears in shock and then hot footed it for the bedroom or something?? Oh yes, my children oh yes you know this!

Then there's the "Mom-Who-Thinks-Her-Teenage-Daughter-Is-A-Whore-Who-Stays-Out-All-Night"

Love the way he opens the door after he picks it like he's Cosmo Kramer and looks as if he is about to yell, "Suuuuuurprise!!"

But the BESTEST best part of this whole ad is the closeup ASS SHOT through her sweatpants as Mommie PTA-est is running up the I the only one who thinks..."Hmmm.... now that's a quality MILF ass!" ;) lol

And then, finally, to my FAVORITE Brinks ad of them all.... " Screeching Howler Monkey Daughter Home Alone"

....Oh yeah and I say BULLLSHIIIT to the assumption that this kid is even a robber. I think he's really the chick's boyfriend and that the two of them were playing some kinda weird kinky sex fetish game to get her all vigorously riled up and the blood flowin' through the lower...umm....levels and that she snuck him back into her bedroomroom later and they boinked the SHIT outta each other!! ;) :D

Want proof?? He's the youngest"Aryan Robber Thug" of all the other Ayran Robber thugs featured in the ads. And then there's that small cutaway shot of him fixing up her parents knocked over trashcan as he makes his "daring escape."


You see folks?? Even in these times, one can always find small moments of absurdity and laughter...even if it's just in 30 second to 1 Min bites. Priceless, just priceless!! :)

What's your favorite commercial?

Have any interesting or funny stories happen in your life lately that you'd like to share?

What was the coolest and/ or most interesting thing that happened to you today?

Think POSITIVE (Unless you're getting an STD Blood Test ;) ) and have a Happy Hump Day Blogsters!! B)

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Screwed Up Texan said...

Dude, you so have to update your blog cause it is good readin and hilarious. And b/c I said so.

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