Monday, April 13, 2009

What's Your Favorite??

Yeaaap...I do dig the deviled eggs, the chocolate bunnies (especially the ones they've got out now with WHITE CHOCOLATE! Surprisingly delicious! :P :) )

But I gotta say, that in part the Easter season is just not QUITE complete for yours truly without them Cadbury chocolate little bwack-bwack-bwacking bunny candy treats...

.....maybe if I ate them all the time I'd realize just how ooey-gooey and slightly nasty in creamy white texture they actually are...and be, I dunno, WEIRDED OUT by the fact I have to bite into candy structures that are slightly more ROUND then they are egg-shaped, to get at and DRAIN them of ALL their THICK creamy white filling....(am I only gay at Easter-time or something? LOL :D ) ol'Topel would say....TRA-di-SHUUUN right? ;)

So then to sum up for this quick'n'dirty post.... pray tell me awesome blogster PEEPS....

OTHER than a chocolate Bunny...what is the ONE Easter/Passover/Spring time candy treat/guilty pleasure that you just have to treat yourself to, or it wouldn't be the season?

When you ravenously attack a chocolate bunny, where do you scarf it down first? The ears? Those goofy looking candy eyes? ( Don't you look at me Peter Cottontail, DON'T YOU LOOK AT ME!! lol )

Or its little chocolate bunny ASS? :D

Hope Everyone Had A Very Happy Easter/Passover/Spring Holiday Out In Bloggerland! :)

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