Thursday, April 30, 2009


Okaaay...I confess....

I MAAAY be getting a tad sucked in over the E-event horizon and dropped down deep into a certain virtual bluebird's chirpy-chirping vortex.

(Or AKA I've been perusing Twitter a little for anyone who doesn't speak DORK fluently! ;) )

One of my Normie at work friends got me to give it a gander.

I was a tad surprised how many famous people and near-Beer Celebs were on it....well ALLEDGEDLY....

As well as maybe some less widely known celebs (well...YET ;) ) like...

Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan

Blogger, and saucy punk girl Porn Star Joanna Angel....

and FA former pro Footballer hard man Hooligan-turned film heavy Vinnie Jones...

You'd THINK I'd be old enough by now to NOT get myself into such faddy-fad trendy-i-ness...but it seems I have.

Though, really I have no idea why...I mean when one stops and actually THINKS about it, isn't Twitter just a form of virtual eavesdropping...or even virtual STALKING?

(As opposed to virtual STOCKING...which would be quite nice...then I could get paid for working hard packing shelves whilist not actually packing ze shelves! :P )

Perhaps it's because of the gradual conditioning of our uber-growing-Star-Trek-ish futuristic society...all that instantaneous right-when-we-want-it, Cheeseburgers, News, Gossip, Favorite TV shows, TRIPLE XXX HARDCORE STICKY NASTY PORNO.... and whatnot...

Why SHOULDN'T we be stoked about knowing EXACTLY when our favorite friends and celeb crushes are wolfing down Veggie Tacos and bottled natural spring water like a mad polar bear on speed? Or just taking a dump?

Further proof of this modern instant-needing-it-RIGHT-NOW Psyche shift:

My internet and phone went kaputt when a small front of hard-raining thunderbusters came rolling down through The A the other night and I practically had a deformed mutant three eyed cow over contrast, my ancient Nosferatu friend Remmy barely broke a sweat.

"Ah, the whiny impatience of Youth!"

Maybe THERE IS something to be learned from those born in an age when the fastest News Updates came in months or weeks by fast riding, stripped-down idiot on horseback and not in nanoseconds by a computer clickidy-click...yathink?

In any rate, I'm now on Twitter, so in case you lovely bloggers missed my quickie update this week and are desperate need to follow me...

Check me out at:

Feed me Seymor! Feed my latest addiction! :P

(Whether you should be doing so or not, is another biggie philosophical question entirely LOL :D )

Are you on Twitter?

Or do you just think it's a big waste of time?

If you are, how bad would you say your Twitter Addiction is?

Follow any Famous, or Semi-Famous Twitter-ers?

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