Monday, April 27, 2009

Adieu, Screaming Chicken

Yes my blogster friends....

(and even annoying blogster STALKERS who keep sending me cupcakes in the mail made from cupcake stuff and the hair from your own bodies...GAAAHROOSSS!!)

....It is True!

In case you've been asleep drooling under a rock, gawking at Leprechaun Beefcake Porn, out having a life with your friends, stuck at work, or EVEN BETTER all the above....

GM is going all Axe Murderer on itself...and among the scantly clad Co-EDs who get to run around half-naked screaming and bleeding all over everything in the dorm, all scared, alone, and perky nippled.... is Pontiac.

Or for you uber, UBER youngsters, the famous division of General Motors once known for making bigass KICKASS gas-guzzlin' All-American muscle car monstrosities that virtually GURANTEED you'd get some ass with the chicks.

It's all right here Daywalker kiddies...peruse the link from the Cable News home of the most DELICIOUS LOOKING and famous Albino/News Anchor to ever walk the planet!

The Death of Pontiac from CNN Dot Com

My dream was to own a '78 Firebird Trans-AM.

Kinda like THIS ONE.

Sure, I suppose since I'll be around long enough I'll be able to eventually commandeer me one, even if we'll be space racing in Millennium Falcons by then and calling everyone we meet Bantha Fodder....

(Whatever the Hell that means!)

...but now, with this tradgic it'll probably be that much harder. Fuuuuuudge!

Oh yeah...and shrinky dinky Saturn is going extinct too if anyone actually cares! lol :P


What's YOUR "Dream Car?"

And Why Do You Adore It So Much?

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