Friday, February 6, 2009

Movie Stinkbomb-A-Thon!

What was the Last Movie that you walked out of that was SO BAD that you couldn't even "MST3K" it and make it Better??

What was it that made it so horrible-is-ous?'s my selection...

About an Hour into it...

"Hey Chet, where'ya going?"

"I'm going to take a crap for an hour"


"Because I have a lot of crap to crap and somehow I find that myself taking a crap will be far more entertaining for me than watching the rest of this film!"

Reason? Tom Green...'Nuff said!

Now, it's YOUR turn!!
What are some of your Movie Stink bombs?
(Have a Fabulous Weekend Daywalkers!! )

1 comment:

wendo27 said...

I kept seeing the promo where he's like "daddy would you like some sausage" and thought I would like it. Nope. I should have known better.

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