Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chester, Can You Turn A Girl On?

1. Do you pay attention and give time to your wardrobe ? can never have too many pimpsuits and pimp canes for every occasion. B)

2. Do you make sure your hairstyle is proper before you meet a girl ?

"I saw a Werewolf drinkin' a Pina Colada at Trader Vick's... and his hair was perfect!"

4. Do you appear confident and smile when you approach a girl ?

If by confident you mean EVIL, then...yes.

5. Are you chivalrous towards women ?

Hell yes...I drop my visor, joust it back and forth, and then THRUST firmly with my lance...M'lady!

(Speaking of which, do you know the olde story behind why women are supposed to walk on the "inside" of the man their with/ or usually on his right? It's kinda interesting actually! )

6. Do you project yourself as an independent guy ? Do you talk about your life, home, career and hobbies ?

Sure, but I PREFER to talk about the home, career, and hobbies of my neighbors...particularly if I'm boinking his wife for fresh baked goods!! :P lol

7. Can you make your date laugh with your sense of humor?

I dunno YOU tell're the one snickering with the milk shooting out of your nose!! ;) :D

8. Do you compliment your date on her good looks and dress ?

" look not hideous!!" ;) :)

9. Do you give your total attention to your date even if other girls are around ?

Sure...I mean you can TOTALLY trust I'm listening to your every word when I'm wearing my Texas State Trooper Mirrored Sunglasses....

....Sexy aren't they? B) LOL

So then...

How's Your "Style" In "The Game Of Love?"

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