Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Are You A Dork?? (Wanna Find Out?)

You might be a Dork if...

You can completely relate to Sean on Psych

Normal Person: Sings in the Shower. Dorky Person: Sings in the shower using back brush/bar of soap/ massager head as a micro phone. MEGA SUPER Dork: does drum solos on their ass, hips, or abs.

You might be a Dork if you actually know what the "Wilheim Scream" is...and look for it in films and TV shows enthusiastically. MEGA SUPER Dork: If you've ever played the "Wilhelm Scream Drinking Game."

( RULES: You watch any movie where the Wilhelm Scream happens frequently...such as any of the Star Wars films, or perhaps Indiana Jones. Every time you hear it, you do a shot!)

Normal Person: May go to the Renaissance Festival. Dorky person: Goes to the Renfaire in period costume with their friends...especially when you get free admission for doing so. SUPER MECHA GODZILLA Dork goes in costume...by THEMSELVES...without the promise of free admission.

....If you've ever gone to a premiere of any movie as a teenager or an adult dressed in costume. (YESSS The Rocky Horror Picture Show counts!! )

(O-M-G...is that....JAY LENO?? lol ;) )

...If your default dance is The Robot.

...If you've ever gotten into an impassioned argument over who was the better host of Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Joel Hodgson or Mike Nelson.

If you've ever had a girlfriend like Deb from Napoleon Dynamite.

If you can recite the entire dialogue from The Princess Bride from memory.

...If you own any flying toy made by Air Hogs...and you're over 21.

...You still carry your lunch in a cute lunchbox...and you're old enough to drink.

...you're an expert Pokemon Trainer MECHA SUPER DUPER DORK: You compete in a Pokemon League.

....You know what SCA is. ULTRA MEGA GAZUPLEPLX Dork: You're the "Master Knight/Dame" of your own chapter.

....If you've ever gotten into a heated argument with someone over which is the better version of Dr. Who.

....You've owned a "Quickening Coat" BONUS Dork: You're still an active member of the "Richie Ryan Lives!!" Highlander Clan.

...You've Built your own custom lightsaber handle and/or ordered a realistic "Neon Tubing" lightsaber over the internet.

You've asked your GF to call you "Darth Sexiness" in bed.

....You actually cried when you found out Aeris/Aerith got killed in Final Fantasy 7.

....You have a pair of plush remote controlled Sumo Wrestlers.

....If you have twins, you've actually considered naming them Eddie and Gordo after the fighter from Tekken.

....You have a Crush on Ellen Page.

....You make a regular "pilgrimage" to Japan just for the anime...or you want to.

....You know what the term "cosplay" is, and you do so frequently.

Normal Person: Air Guitar. Dorky Person: Air Guitar ANNND Air Drums. ULTRA MEGA VOLTRON SUPER ZOIRD Dork: Air Keyboard and/or Air Fiddle (as in "The Devil Comes Down To Georgia" ) or the end of "Baba O'Reily. ")

....You have a Harry Potter themed tattoo.

....You have or had a Furby and you made a concerted effort to teach it to say naughty words.

You collect Sock Monkeys.

You've had a dream that you were suddenly in the Far Side universe.

You think the "Sick Pervert Guy" from The Office is hot.

You've had a naughty dream about Dr. House.

You've had a naughty dream starring Claudia Black (Aeryn Sun) from Farscape ANNND Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi ) from Star Trek TNG.

You watch Pride and Prejudice, Emma, or On Being Jane, every time it comes on the premium movie channels.

You own at least one T-shirt depicting a sign prohibiting lewd/inappropriate behavior in Japanese.

Okay, that's all I got for now...

Can YOU think of any more ways to tell if someone's a Dork?

Don't be afraid to share!! ;) lol

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