Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Updates, News Flashes, Hot Flashes, and Other Goodie Goodies!

So, like a deliciously joyous venereal disease (hur hur) some of you MAY be having a burning sensation...err. I mean.. burning topical question rattling your heads...wondering just where O where in the heaping Hell-a-majigs I, the Chet, have been...

(okay all ONE or TWO of you :P )

Well, like a Rubik's Cube wired with some C4 and a timing device, it's a BIT complicated and somewhat say the least... ;)

Caption: Even a broken Rubik's Cube is right twice a day ;)

You see, even though it may be hard to tell from my blog ;) I DO have some friends...normie Daywalkers and some NOT so normie Daywalker friends...

Some who don't live in the be even more specific, some who live in Houston...or maybe even in the GALVESTON area.

And in case you hadn't noticed, there was like, this bigass of a beastie of a HURRICANE that hit around there...or thereabouts!

A bugger of a storm named Ike...

(Many people I know have complained about its name...but I, yours truly think it's most appropriate...I definitely know some peeps who lived in the Crystal Beach area of Galveston who feel truly BIACH-SLAPPED by it as hard as Tina Turner once was so... :P )

But in all seriousness, you COULD say, I've been working and doing volunteer work down south-a-ways...for those I know and even those I don't...

(I mean, seriously, who better to enforce a night time, dawn-ta-dusk curfew than a VAMPIRE? Hmmm :) )

And now that I'm finally back in town, I'll be continuing to follow-up and do all I can (on the nightshift of course! :) ) to help all my Houston Vampie and not-so Vampie evacuees still stuck here in any way I can.

(Though in all the places in America to be stuck, one could do a HECK of a lot worse than right here...did I already mention the hiking, the Barb-B-Q, and the large population density of beautiful young, fit, and single womenfolks in this area? :) )

Caption: A trail on Mount Bommell in the Austin area.

Heh...didn't expect all thay hyper-exo-sternal...uhh...volunteer-a-tarinasm from a VAMPIRE now, DID YOOOUU??


(Har...shows what YOU KNOW...Hpmh!! Beautiful women need help too yaknow!! lol :P :D )

Caption: Gawwwwd....bless Texas! ;)

FUN FACT: My Birthday dinner last week (or was it longer?) consisted of an MRE and a previously freeze-dried brownie...ah joys, joys abound!

But, the truth is, I felt closer to many of you Normie peeeps than I've felt in a long time, sharing your stories, making ye evacuees laugh, etcy etcy and whatnot...and did y'all know that your Sun is like, SOOO really, REALLY bright, and HOOOT? Like OWWW people!! How can you stand to go out and LIVE in that shiaaat? :P :)

To close, I may (or may not ) soon share some more specific insights I've had through this whole hurri and caney experience...and that I will be back to the old blogging grindstone shortly. VERY shortly!!

(Like Verne Troyer short...just so you know!)

Caption: The hardest working actor/midget/straight-up Pimp-Mack-Daddy in all of Hollywood. Lucky Bastard! :) lol

As of...NOW...your vacation/parole from me is officially OVVVVVER!!

Strap yourselves in...he's BAAAAAAACK,



Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Welcome back doll,
And apparently the decision was made for me.
A big fat no.
Well aren't boyfriends such spoil sports.

Soph said...

Glad you're back safe from all your adventures. Though, I don't see what all that has to do with half naked women in dental floss. *Rollz Eyez*

Oh and again, Happy Birthday. (belated)

Though, perhaps I should be mad at you.

Oh yes darling, I finally saw your Becoming A Vampire posts.

1. I am NOT a "Blondzilla" or a Gigantor!! (Urban Dictionary dot com says that term or two only applies to FAT and TALL chicks. I'm STATUESQUE! )

Secondly, that was 20 years sgo lover, GET OVER IT!

I don't care how much you sulk or for how many lifetimes, you know you appreciate it! (And me by extension)

You're Welcome Darling.

individually wrapped slices said...

Vern Troyer is not my favorite midget. His tongue looked ridiculous on his "sex tape" with that man thing he slept with.

I prefer Peter Dinklage.
He's my favorite midget.

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