Saturday, October 11, 2008

There Will Be (Sooner) Blood...

Dangit Dangit Dangit!!

Only one point down,

God's Team: 27, the INFIDEL Savages From Across the River:: 28

5:33 3rd Quarter.... (as of this writing)

OR....For those of you who live under a sports rock, (or are just a chick! ;) )

I'm referring to one of the "Holy Grails" of Texas sports.... (YES, there's more than one!! ;) )

or a.ka. THIS....

Today's Texas-Oklahoma Game!!

(Normally I'm asleep at this time of day and Tivo-ing the living tar out of my UT games but seeing as how this is the most sacred of sacreds, the "Red River Rivalray" I gotta be bright-black-eyed and bushy fanged for my team!! )

Damnit, I think I might be jinxing them but sittin' here scribblin' a blog instead of offering them my macho caveman aggressive kharma through the TV screen!!

Gotta go...but in short, to close....




sophie said...

It's not like they're the Sox Darling


You Texas men and your silly wissle rituals. ;)

Allie said...

Can't jinx me...I have Srgt P's Jinx Monkey. That's right, I stole it straight out of the police station. I'm sure he'll get me back though.

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