Saturday, October 4, 2008

Guess Who??


Guess who THIS is??

Yes, she's Chet's Fanged-Tooth Babe Salute Of The Week, but, perhaps be a BIT more specific than that!

(If you can....muahahahaha! :) )

I've honestly NEVER really seen her as herself....I was shocked...truly.

(If by shocked, you mean TRULY AROUSED :P :D lol )

So yes, she wears a costume...and has a persona (make that, AROUSING persona, though don't worry, it's NOT an X rated persona or anything...more flirtilicious and...Sassy rather than anything else)

....Oh, and with her persona, it MAY or MAY NOT be..."seasonally appropriate" *Hinty-Hint-Hint!! * :D

The answer to my Evilicious little trick-AND-treat will be revealed soon....

Stay tuned to me people, Stay Tuned!! B)

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