Monday, October 6, 2008

Guess Who?? (Part Teaux :) )

In case you're just now joining us...

.....I threw down a whimsical little gauntlet in my previous post, by showing a mysterious redheaded woman with a very nice set...of lips ;) :D and asked y'all to try and identify who she is and WHY she's famous.

Probably only her eyes and her boobies could potentially give her away...but probably not (seeing as how you're probably going to only be looking at one of them (Boobies never losies lol:P :D )

But...if you have NO IDEA who she's a little more info...

Her name's Cassandra Peterson.

As a young woman she was a Las Vegas showgirl.

And then later, a member of The Groundlings Improv comedy group in LA. She developed a kind of flippant "Valley Girl" persona (based loosely on herself as a teenie bopper) which she used later in developing the character that would be her eventual claim to fame.

This character was most popular (especially with MEN ) in the 1980's... making guest starring appearances on sitcoms, The Tonight Show, and even going so far as to be the official spokeswoman for a certain "silvery" beer brand during Halloween 1988.

Her persona began as a late night host of movies for a local LA station.....B movies.....perhaps even HORROR movies.... where her character would riff on the cheesiness of the movies (muh like MST3K would do, a little later)

HMMMMMMmmm (getting warmer, or maybe even...HOTTER? ;) :)

Her character could be the sister of any member of KISS whilst in full make-up.....(there's and hers)

The name of the show that she hosted was called Midnight Maddness

Give up?

(or Got it? Hopefully??)

Cassandra Peterson, AKA.......

Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark!!

And seeing as how this is "Month-O-Ween" more or less (or will become so, eventually ;) ) how could we menfolks (and even many womenfolks :P ;) ) forget the sinisterly sarcastic (AND seductive raawr :) ) "Mae West" of Midnight horrors?

So, I, The Chet, humbly salute you as my....

Babe Fang-Toothed Salute Of The Week!!

Shocked it's the same woman?

(me too!! ) :)

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